Citywheelchairs.com accepts Medicare as payment towards a select group of manual wheelchairs (standard, lightweight or heavy duty) and power wheelchairs.

Citywheelchairs.com now accepts MediCal! Contact us for more information.

Q: How much will Medicare cover?

A: Medicare will pay up to 80% towards the cost of your power chair if you qualify. If you have Medicare and a secondary(or supplemental) insurance your out of pocket expenses could be zero!! If you are Senior on a fixed income you may qualify for our Compassionate Care Program in which we would write off the 20%. Again, your out of pocket cost would be zero! Please contact us for more details.

Q: How do I know I qualify?

A: Please fill out Medicare qualification form and return to Citywheelchairs.com. We will then contact your physician and see if he will sign a Certificate of Medical Necessity for your chair. Once the doctor has signed the CMN we can then proceed to the next step of selecting your chair.

Q: What is Medicare looking for when they authorize for a chair?

A: Medicare is generally looking for three things that the patient has:
1. Patient cannot walk and without the use of an electric wheelchair would be chair or bed bound,
2. can safely operate a joystick that controls the chair,
3. must have an upper extremity weakness due to a neurologic, cardiopulmonary, or muscular disease/condition that prevents them from using a manual chair.

Q: What paperwork is involved?

A: Citywheelchairs.com will handle all the necessary paperwork with your physician. A special form called the Certificate of Medical Necessity needs to be filled out and signed by your doctor before we can deliver your power chair. We have all the forms. All we need is some general information about yourself and your doctor. Please fill out the Medicare qualification form and fax to 415-508-1083 or email to info@citywheelchairs.com. Once CMN is filled out we will contact you about the different kinds of chairs that Medicare will pay for. Citywheelchairs.com will bill Medicare and any secondary insurance. We handle all the paperwork.

Q: Will Medicare cover for a manual wheelchair?

A: Depending upon your medical condition Medicare will cover for a manual wheelchair. Please fill out the Medicare questionnaire and Citywheelchairs.com will complete the paperwork.

It's that simple.

Medicare Qualification Form (PDF format)

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